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IFK Kristinehamn (f13 2007)

Registration number: 1006
Registrator: Maria Prytz Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
In addition to IFK Kristinehamn, 6 other teams played in Flickor 13 (födda 2007)cupdatum 24-26/4. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof IFK Kristinehamn could be found in Group B together with New Mill Indians SK, Östra Deje IK F07 and Norrstrands IF.

IFK Kristinehamn also participated in Flickor 05/06 (födda 2006) Cupdatum 26-28/4 during Kristinehamnscupen 2019. They reached the Semi final in F13 (f 2006) B-slutspel, but lost it against Norrstrands IF Röd with 1-2.

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